Elan Credit Card Payment

Elan Credit Card: The Best Credit Card To Have in your Pockets

Elan Financial Services, a name that might not have ring a bell in your head, but it serves thousands of Americans every single day. How? Elan is one of the most trusted partners in providing credit cards for clients across America. Thus, if you require a card, verify out how to get the Elan Credit Card here. Read all the details to discover how you can get a legit card and to realize when you are being scammed.

Since 1968 it is providing card solutions, Elan is a division of U.S. Bank that involves processing and payment services. It has currently had over 1,400 partner institutions that provide competitive credit card plans for clients. The list of partner credit unions and banks incorporate Comerica, Associated Bank, and Desert Financial Credit Union.

Elan Product Suite – What’s There Inside

It allows a vast array of credit cards that satisfies everyone’s needs and wants. Whether you’re a university student looking to initiate a credit record or a business owner contemplating to expand, Elan has something for you.Elan Credit Card Payment

The Elan Advantage

Elan is one of the leading credit card issuers in America, and its partnerships proceed to expand. Its series of credit cards are doing so thoroughly that financial companies and institutions are making the switch to Elan. You might be admiring, “What sets Elan credit cards stand alone from the rest?” We’ve listed down the benefits of Elan issued credit cards:

A Complete Credit Card Suite for Just Everyone

Clients are fascinated by banks with Elan credit cards is because of their product suite. While credit cards generally associated with professionals with stable jobs, some Elan partners also offer credit cards for college students.

They plus offer credit cards, depending on your personal choice and desire. You may take credit cards for travel rewards, bonuses, cash back, etc. as per your preference. While, MyAccount Access offers a comfortable and handy way for you to manage all your cards.

No Annual Fee for Elan Platinum Card Users

Other credit card issuers charge an annual fee for maintaining a platinum card. But with Elan there is no such case for Elan platinum cards. You may choose a personal and business platinum credit card from them for your use.

Good Cash Back Rewards

Elan offers Cash rewards cards that can give you cash backs with your purchases, available for both customer and business credit cards.

You can get 3% cashback on gas purchase and 2% 2% on supermarket purchases only with Cash Rewards American Express® Card. The Visa® Business Cash rewards Card gives you 3% cashback for office supply store purchases, cell phone, landline, internet, and for your cable TV services. Also you can get 2% cashback on restaurant and gasoline purchases.

Extra Bonus Rewards

Get the Real Rewards cards of Elan you will get half percent more points than other options. As this is available for both consumer and business card options.

No Bonus Point Cap on Shopping

You can earn up to as many points as you can with Elan credit cards. Other credit card issuers that put limitations on the points that you can get at one time. Through this way, cardmembers can save up their positions with something they need or experience.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver for Users

From Elan’s travel edition cards, you can earn free rental auto coverage at no extra cost. Just as long as you utilize your credit card to pay for the rental fees. You will be covered in the state of a collision or theft while the rental is in your hold.

Zero Fraud Liability Protection for Users

With Elan credit cards come with zero fraud liability protection and security. This implies that when fraudulent activity detected on your account, then you might be not liable for the fraudulent charges. This protection policy operates when you at instant report fraudulent activity on your account to Elan.

Dedicated Cardmember Service Team to Solve Customer Queries

Elan has a dedicated cardmember and thus have branch assistance with 24/7 call centres for cardmembers. These call centers will support the subsequent queries:

  • Balance inquiries
  • Authorizations
  • Available credit card status
  • Address changes
  • Payment information
  • Statement inquiries
  • Credit line increase requests
  • Lost or stolen card requests

Online Access for Cardmembers

This characteristic allows cardmembers to monitor their purchases, the first line of protection against possible fraudulent activities. Elan credit card owners can do every possible thing through their online account. when you access myaccountaccess.com, you can inspect your account information, transactions, statements, and even make transactions. You may have to access your account through your desktop, telephone, or by the Elan Credit Card mobile app.

Mobile Alert Notifications – Push Notifications

Cardmembers may permit mobile alerts when they have to access their online accounts. If you are authorized, you will receive notifications regarding when payments are outstanding, recent account activities, and likewise. This makes transactions more comfortable and easily accessible even when you’re on the go.

Easy and Secure Mobile Payments

Continuously on the go and no time to take a journey to your local bank branch? You no need to bother! Cardmembers can make secure mobile payments with cooperative Apple, Android, or Samsung phones.

Proactive Fraud Detection System Offered

In 2016, there was about $4 billion lost due to hacked card fraud incidents. And in 2017, approximately 16.7 million fell victim to a scam, an addition from 12.7 million in 2014.

While online banking and the authorization method reduces the possibility of fraudulent activities, Elan moves a step further. With their Fraud Detection System, cardmembers are informed of abnormal spending habits to ensure that their card is perpetually secure.

Training Provided to the Partner Institutions

Elan also offers one of the advantages that it gives to its partner institutions is they offer training about their product suite. This ensures that workers are well trained on the product offerings so they could help clients in their decision.

Consumer Credit Cards

You have no idea which consumer credit card should get? Compare and contrast the various advantages that come with Elan’s various consumer credit cards below:

Visa® Platinum Card Cash Rewards American Express® Card Visa® Real Rewards Card Premier Rewards American Express® Card
Cashback Rewards Yes Yes Yes
Merchandise & Gift Cards Yes Yes
Travel Yes Yes
3% cashback on making gas purchases Yes
2% cash back on making purchases in the supermarkets Yes
4x points on the restaurant purchases Yes
3x points on the airline purchases Yes
2 x points on the gas purchases Yes
All purchases earn 1.5 points/1.5% per dollar (base earn) Yes
(base earn) all purchases can earn 1 point/1% per dollar Yes Yes
$25 value awarded after first purchase Yes Yes
$100 value awarded after you spend $1,000 in your first 3 months Yes
Global Entry / TSA Pre✓® Statement Credit Yes
Buy tickets for popular events before anyone else Yes Yes
Peace of mind benefits like – Zero Fraud Liability & auto rental collision damage waiver for the users Yes Yes Yes Yes


Business Credit Cards

Don’t have an idea which business credit card to get? Compare and contrast the various advantages that come with Elan’s several business credit cards below:

Visa® Business Platinum Card Visa® Business Cash Card Visa® Business Real Rewards Card Visa® Business Rewards PLUS Card
Cashback  Yes  Yes  Yes
Merchandise & Gift Cards  Yes  Yes
Travel  Yes  Yes
Get 3% cashback on all purchases from the office supply stores, landline, cell phone, internet, and cable TV services Yes
Get 2% cash back on restaurant and gasoline purchases Yes
1% per dollar on all purchases (base earn) Yes
3X points on the category spent most on such as cell phone services, hotel or airline Yes
1.5 points/1.5% per dollar on all purchases (base earn) Yes Yes
$25 value awarded after your first purchase Yes Yes
$200 value awarded after you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months Yes
Peace of mind benefits such as Zero Fraud Liability and auto rental collision damage waiver Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free employee cards Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online reporting tools to view and monitor the credit card spent by top categories, transaction type, and even through a defined transactional period, month, quarter or year. Yes Yes Yes Yes

The Final Words

For financial institutions looking for a competing credit card offering, Elan has one of the best partners to go forward. With big banks like Comerica and Desert Financial Credit Union, Elan is just like other trusted names in credit cards. Aside from this, Elan additionally provides training for employees so that they could well-known with your credit card offerings.

Elan gives a vast array of credit cards to satisfy everyone. Whether it’s for creating good credit or developing your business, it has got something for you.

From cash backs to endless earning of points, Elan has also offered better value for your credit card. On top of that, Elan gives the best customer service and protection for your accounts. Ask your local bank if their credit card offering appears from Elan.

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